Trump Unlikely To Get White House Security Deposit Back


Anchor: Well, that’s several thousand dollars they won’t be getting back. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 8:18. Biden administration officials determined Thursday that Donald and Melania Trump will not be getting back the security deposit they put down when they began staying in the White House four years ago. That is according to senior officials with knowledge of the matter who requested anonymity. The exact monetary amount was not disclosed to WBS, but it is said to be in the several thousands of dollars. A spokesman for the Trump family says the move is purely political.

Spox: This is an outrageous action taken by the Biden administration against a couple who were the President and First Lady of the United States less than 48 hours ago. It’s pure revenge politics of the worst kind. Okay, yes, Stephen Miller apparently had a dungeon that was covered in the blood of his young male victims, but can you really blame the Trumps for that? And the tunnel Melania allegedly attempted to dig through the wall behind the portrait of Jefferson can’t be definitively attributed to her.

Anchor: The spokesman went on to say the Trumps certainly weren’t responsible for the mess created when Rudy Giuliani molted in the Lincoln Bedroom. This is WBS News Radio.