Trump Pardons CO2, Methane


Anchor: This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 10:15. President Trump issued yet another slate of controversial pardons Monday, this time to the greenhouse gases Methane and Carbon Dioxide. The president called in to the Fox program Hannity and said CO2 and gases like it had been unfairly maligned for far too long.

Trump: Everybody talks about the CO2 — “Oh, it’s so terrible, the CO2.” What about the H20? Why is the CO2 a greenhouse gas — a so-called greenhouse gas — and H2O isn’t? Why is that? I’ve seen some terrible things H2O has done, believe me. Some very not nice things. Not so pretty. Not so innocent, the H2O. Drownings like you’ve never seen. Even in rain puddles. Innocent, pretty little rain puddles. And you drown.

Anchor: Trump went on to say that Methane called him personally to thank him for his intervention.

Trump: He called me and he was getting choked up — this big, powerful gas, getting choked up — and this is not a gas that cries a lot, believe me — and he said, “Mr. President, Sir, I want to thank you. You’re the only one who stands up and tells the truth, and I want to thank you, from the bottom of my one carbon atom.”

Anchor: This is WBS News Radio.