Trump Gets Started On Healthcare Plan


Anchor: President Trump gets down to work on his healthcare plan on his last full day in office. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 6:18. President Trump is currently working feverishly on the first steps of creating his long-promised health care plan. The president told reporters in the Oval Office that he would have started work on the plan sooner, but he couldn’t find the right pen.

Trump: I couldn’t find my favorite Sharpie. Looked everywhere, couldn’t find it. Then today, boom, there it is, underneath some charts about the Coronavirus that I never looked at. So now I can get to work.

Anchor: But when a reporter brought up the fact that the president was dangerously close to failing to live up to his promise to deliver a comprehensive health care plan, the president bristled.

Trump: That’s a nasty question, and you’re a very nasty person, I’ve said so for a long time, and I’ve been right, believe me. But i haven’t broken any promise. Look at this: Right here, it says, (writing) “The Beautiful Health Care For Everyone Law.” There. See? That’s a very strong bill, written very strongly.

Reporter: Sir, that’s a napkin from KFC.

Anchor: This is WBS News Radio.