Trump Attorneys Argue That Several Senators Who Might Have Been Killed On Jan. 6th Will Be Dead Soon Anyway


Anchor: A novel argument. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 1:46. Attorneys for former President Trump argued Friday that his alleged incitement of insurrection wasn’t as severe as it was being made out to be by Democratic impeachment managers because several of the senators who were at risk of being killed in the January 6th attack on the Capitol are very old and will be dead soon anyway. Attorney Michael van der Veen spearheaded the defense’s case.

Van der Veen: Many of the senators who were at risk that day are very, very old. Senator Leahy, for example, all due respect, but you’re ancient. And Senator Feinstein, I was under the impression you were already dead.

Anchor: Van der Veen went on to explain that the fact that so many senators are elderly means that it wouldn’t have been as tragic had they been killed in the attack.

Van der Veen: I mean, let’s be honest, it would be sad, but it’s not like it would be some huge tragedy. I mean, Senator Grassley, how old are you, 90? How long do you really think you have left? We’re talking about a couple of years, at most.

Anchor: Van der Veen concluded by pointing out that it would have been a heroic death had the senators in question been killed while defending the Capitol.

Van der Veen: Senators, I respectfully ask, how would you rather go out? Fighting a mob of insurrectionists, defending your sacred place of work, this symbol of Democracy and the American way, or drooling into your oatmeal, incontinent and unable to wipe your own ass? I mean, I think the choice is obvious, and I think, that being the case, President Trump nearly did you a huge favor by inciting that crowd to murderous violence. The real tragedy, perhaps, is that they did not succeed.

Anchor: This is WBS News Radio.