Parler Suspends Trump For Not Inciting Enough Violence


Anchor: Parler enters the fray following Wednesday’s violence at the Capitol.

This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 11:18. The social networking service Parler has suspended the account of President Trump because he hasn’t incited enough violence. A spokesman for the app said Trump’s behavior has no place on the platform.

Spokesman: Our terms of service make it clear that no calls for peace will be tolerated by any Parler user, and will result in an immediate two week suspension from posting. Unless and until President Trump recants his call for peace and re-institutes his incitement of violence, he will be blocked from posting on Parler for a period of two weeks. At that point President Trump will be allowed to return to Parler, provided he post only openly racist, anti-Semitic or violence-promoting content. Nothing less will be tolerated.

Anchor: The spokesman went on to say that President Trump could have the ban lifted immediately if he just went ahead and shot someone.

This is WBS News Radio.