Overzealous Anti-Masker Rips Off Entire Face


Anchor: This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 8:18.  An act of protest against mask-wearing at a Costco store in Tucson, Arizona turned gruesome Sunday, when anti-masker Mark Bellager unintentionally ripped off his entire face when trying to remove his mask in an act of defiance.

Witnesses say the incident began with an altercation between Bellager and a Costco employee just after Bellager entered the store, and ended with Bellager holding his own face in his hands.

Witness:  It was crazy, man.  I mean, he just kept saying it wasn’t true that his face was gone.  That it was a hoax, made up by the media.  He said it was just more fake news, but, I mean, his face was in his hand.

Anchor:  Doctors at a nearby hospital were able to reattach Bellager’s face, at which point they decided to sew his mask onto it permanently. 

This is WBS News Radio.