Nation Could Have Sworn There Was A Violent Insurrection A Few Weeks Ago


Anchor: The American People wonder if it was all a dream. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 6:39. Across the country, U.S. citizens are wondering if their memories are reliable at this hour, as millions of people seem to remember a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol some three weeks ago. Karl Hendries of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is one such person. Hendries says he really feels like he remembers the violent uprising on January 6th.

Witness: It’s like, I could have sworn that I watched it on CNN, this angry mob attacking the Capitol. But everyone’s acting like everything’s normal, just going about their business. So I don’t know. Maybe I dreamed it.

Anchor: Hendries says that as much as it seems to him like the violent attack actually happened, and that members of Congress may have supported or even aided the attack, he doesn’t believe that can possibly be true because those same people are still in Congress.

Witness: I mean, it can’t be, right? If they helped along a violent attack on our government, how can they, like, be in the government? / I could swear there was a female congress person who tweeted out “Today is 1776” or some such thing. But nothing’s happened to her, so I must have just imagined that part of the insurrection, too. In fact, I probably just imagined her. (laughs) In my crazy imagination, she tweeted out the location of other people in Congress while the riot was going on. Someone like that can’t actually exist, right? (laughs) Just my crazy ol’ brain.

Anchor: Hendries now fears his memory problems may include his more immediate memories as well.

Witness: When I woke up today, in fact, I thought I remembered reading a story yesterday about Marjorie Taylor Greene supporting the execution of people like Pelosi and Obama and saying that school shootings were false flag operations. But that can’t be, because Republicans just put her on the education committee. They wouldn’t do that if she did those things, right? So it must be me again. I should really get myself checked out.

Anchor: This is WBS News Radio.