Nation Alarmed As Biden Claims Five Million People Attended Inauguration


Anchor: President Biden makes a bold but familiar claim. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 9:13. President Biden alarmed many Americans Wednesday evening when he released a tweet saying five million people attended his inauguration ceremony. Then, during his primetime inauguration special Wednesday night, Biden appeared to break from scripted remarks to point out to the television audience how large the inaugural crowd was.

Biden: Look. Here’s the deal. There were at least five million, some are saying six million people out there. I looked out and saw a sea of people, millions and millions of people, stretching back as far as the eye could see, way beyond the Washington Monument. They went on forever. Now, you can say what you want, that there were flags put out there or what have you, but I know a person when I see one, and those were people, man. Tons of people. Now, that’s just the way it is. Now, we have problems in this country, and guess what? I alone can fix ‘em.

Anchor: Late Wednesday night, Biden unnerved Americans again by tweeting that Rosie O’Donnell was a loser with a very low IQ. This is WBS News Radio.