Kevin McCarthy Hands Marjorie Taylor Greene List Of Approved GOP Conspiracy Theories


Anchor: Some conspiracies are better than others. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 5:05.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy handed Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene a list, late Wednesday, of conspiracy theories approved by the Republican Party. According a spokesman for McCarthy, even without espousing conspiracies related to the QAnon movement, there are still plenty of great choices to be had.

Spox: He basically told her that she doesn’t have to mess with QAnon, when we have so many great homegrown choices ourselves. / You got the whole election being stolen, which gives you a ton of options, from Dominion voting machines to ballots being dumped in rivers or whichever body of water best suits your taste, to voter fraud in minority-heavy cities — in fact, anything with racist dog whistles attached is a home run.

Anchor: The spokesman said that even outside of the election and its associated conspiracies, there are plenty of others to choose from.

Spox: You got some great new ones like Biden-Ukraine and masks don’t work. The classics — vaccines cause autism, Obama wasn’t born in this country, climate change is a hoax — and then the whole Russiagate scandal is really rich and full of potential. And of course, the oldie but goodie, the Clintons are criminals, and you are certainly free to insinuate on top of that that they’re murderers. / Leader McCarthy told her she could get a lot of mileage out of any or all of these, to try mixing and matching, see which ones felt the best.

Anchor: Asked how she responded to McCarthy’s advice, Greene said she was receptive but was unsure how much she could trust him since he’s an alien lizard being. This is WBS News Radio.