Indiana GOP Censures Mike Pence For Not Being Assassinated


Anchor: Punishment for Pence? This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 8:13. The Indiana Republican Party voted unanimously Tuesday to censure former Vice President Mike Pence for not allowing himself to be assassinated during the attack on the Capitol January 6th. Arnold Thatchgood, state GOP chairman, explained.

Thatchgood: We in the Indiana Republican Party object in the strongest possible terms to then-Vice President Pence’s betrayal of President Trump and his 74 million voters. By escaping from the Senate chamber as the attackers were on their way, instead of staying and allowing himself to be murdered, Vice President Pence effectively allowed the fraudulent electoral count to be completed. This, in a word, is unforgivable.

Anchor: Thatchgood went on to say that Pence was wrong to value his own life more than President Trump’s electoral fate.

Thatchgood: To think you are more important than the outcome of the presidential election of this country is the height of arrogance. No one’s life matters more than that of President Trump. I would give my life right now, if he asked me to. I’m hoping he’s not listening to this and doesn’t, in fact, do that, but nevertheless…

Anchor: Thatchgood concluded by asserting that, had he been in Pence’s position and had betrayed former president Trump, he would have done the honorable thing and taken his own life.

Thatchgood: Like a dishonored soldier, I would have fallen on my sword. Now, I probably wouldn’t have had a sword, being the vice president. But as we Indiana Republicans say, there is always a solution, if one looks hard enough. In this case, I would have simply borrowed a spear from that guy with the horns.

Anchor: This is WBS News Radio.