Impeachment Viewers Horrified By Disturbing Video Footage Reminding Them Trump Was President Recently


Anchor: A cruel reminder. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 5:53. Following the second day of former President Trump’s second impeachment trial, many are wondering if the impeachment managers went too far, after they showed a graphic video reminding viewers that Donald Trump was recently President of the United States. Don Charmin, an impeachment viewer from Tampa, Florida, says the video was unnecessary.

Viewer: I didn’t need to see that. Nobody needed to see that. We were all there. We saw it. We lived through it. We certainly don’t need to be reminded of it.

Anchor: Charmin said that, at the very least the impeachment managers could have given a warning prior to the playing of the video, so that he could have taken his grandchildren out of the room.

Viewer: My two little grandkids were watching with me, and then, boom! A video showing Trump as president. You can’t just show something like that without warning the people at home first. I had to hurry the kids out of the room. One was screaming. The other, the youngest, was crying her eyes out. I mean, c’mon. Have some common sense.

Anchor: And this just in to WBS. In other impeachment news, former President Trump’s attorneys argued Wednesday that his alleged incitement of insurrection isn’t as severe as it is being made out to be because several of the senators who might have been killed in the attack on the Capitol are very old and will die soon anyway. This is WBS News Radio.