GOP Vows To Only Break With Trump When He Kills Them Personally


Anchor: Republicans will break with Trump, they say, once they’re dead by his hand. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 8:15. GOP Senators announced Tuesday that they will only break with President Trump when he kills them personally. A spokesman for Senator Rand Paul confirmed that the murder of a senator’s loved ones will not suffice.

Spox: If it’s, say, a wife or a child, no, that would not be sufficient. It has to be the senator himself or herself. If Senator Paul, for example, is murdered by President Trump, say via strangulation, then at that time, Senator Paul would think about reassessing his support for the president. But only at that time.

Anchor: But the spokesman cautioned that even in a case where a senator’s murder seemed obviously to have been committed by the former president, he must still be given the benefit of the doubt.

Spox: Could have been antifa or other leftist agitators. You always have to keep that possibility open. Even if it’s caught on film or recorded somehow, or he confesses to the crime, we all know all those things can be doctored or manipulated by Deep State operatives. So we can’t be too quick to jump to a conclusion of guilt against an ex-president. Especially this ex-president.

Anchor: And this just in to WBS, former President Trump has apparently filmed himself beating South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to death with a shovel. He then had the video broadcast on cable channel OAN, along with an on-air confession. The now-deceased Graham said he still plans to vote to acquit Trump in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. This is WBS News Radio.