Fox Business To Replace Lou Dobbs With Hour-Long Legal Disclaimer


Anchor: Dobbs out, disclaimer in. This is WBS News Radio, and it’s 10:27. Fox News Media announced Monday that it would be replacing the Fox Business Network’s top-rated “Lou Dobbs Tonight” program with a 60-minute legal disclaimer. A spokesman for Fox News Media explained the move.

Spox: This exciting new primetime program “Legal Disclaimer Tonight” will be chock-full of information… about how neither the Smartmatic company nor Dominion Voting Systems engaged in any illegal or unethical behavior in relation to the 2020 election. The show will not have a host, but will highlight with scrolling text the fact that no evidence of vote-rigging, vote-changing or any other malfeasance related to the election, on the part of the two aforementioned companies, has been verified by Fox News.

Anchor: The spokesman attempted to explain at length that many of the claims made by guests of Fox News programs and even some of the network’s hosts are not, in fact, true. But he soon became exhausted.

Spox: Dominion Voting Systems is not owned by, was not started by and has no relation whatsoever to Hugo Chavez. The Smartmatic company was not even contracted for work in any of the 2020 swing states. George Soros has nothing to do with either Dominion Voting Systems or Smartmatic. You know what, let’s just make this simple — basically, anything Sidney Powell and/or Rudy Giuliani said on our air is complete bullshit.

Anchor: The spokesman concluded by noting that replacing Dobbs, a ten-year veteran of the network, will not be easy.

Spox: We know Lou leaves big shoes to fill, but we at Fox can think of no better way to honor his journalistic reputation than by airing televised legalese.

Anchor: This is WBS News Radio.